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When it comes to taking exams and quizzes, there are many ways to tackle the challenge. This article has just a few to share to help make taking an exam easier. When it comes to school, there are a few things which all students dread. Exams, tests, and quizzes. Wait a minute, those are all the same thing! That must mean that, when it comes to school, students just aren’t excited to take a test even if they are confident that they will excel.

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If this sounds like a student in your home, then this article from The Tutoring Center, Upland CA is just what they need to read to help them take on exams with a better mindset.


There will be exams which the teacher gives you at the end of the week to test your knowledge, and then there are exams which will decide whether or not you are admitted to the college of your choice. While these may sit at opposite ends of the exam spectrum, they each have one thing in common. They require you to study. It doesn’t matter if you spend a couple of bus rides reading over notes for an upcoming quiz or if you dedicate hours of time at home towards an entrance exam, be sure that you study! Studying is still the best way to prepare for an exam; there's just no way around it. While you might not like the idea of studying for a small exam which isn’t going to count towards your grade, consider that the teacher will use the results to identify students who may be eligible for additional learning opportunities.

What Are You Going to Need?

Imagine that you turn up and sit down for an exam only to realize that you forgot one of the items which you were specifically told to bring. Of course, you aren’t allowed to leave the study hall, so you need to complete the exam with what you have. The best way to avoid this is to sit down at a table the night before your exam and pretend that you will be completing it. Think about which stationery items you will use throughout and write them in a list as you think. Once you have this list, be sure to place the items in a separate case to take with you the next day. Before you leave the house the next morning, double check that everything is still there. If your youngster is struggling with their exams and just doesn’t achieve the results you know they are capable of, tutoring in Upland, CA can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Upland CA at (909) 579-0274 to learn about how their subject focused one-to-one tutoring programs can provide your student with everything they need to not only prepare for an exam but to ace it!

Identify Yourself

You would be surprised at just how many students can miss out on exam scores which they worked really hard for simply because they forgot to write their name on the exam. While it may seem silly, once exam nerves start to take hold, it can be easy to make small, yet significant mistakes like this. As soon as you are told that you can begin the exam, be sure to complete all identification requirements.

Use Your Time Well

Given that you will have a limited amount of time to complete the exam, be sure to make the most of what you have. For this reason, skim through the exam in an attempt to identify questions which you can both complete relatively quickly and correctly. Completing these questions first is a great way to warm up your brain and to maximize the number of points you are able to achieve. Once you have finished these, consider the remaining challenging questions, looking for ones which will provide a higher score, and again, which you can complete in a reasonable amount of time.


You wouldn’t believe just how easy it is for a student to write an incorrect answer. This isn't because they didn’t know the answer, but simply because their brain had moved on to the next questions before their hand had finished scribbling the previous answer. The best way to avoid these instances that take points away from you is to set aside time at the end of the exam period to review your answers and make sure that a 7 didn’t become a 4.

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These are just some of the great tips each student can use to take on an exam. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Upland CA today by calling (909) 579 0274 to find out more about how tutoring in Upland, CA can help your student achieve the grades and exam results they are capable of.


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