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Something as simple as playing can make a huge positive impact on your child; thus, this post by The Tutoring Center, Upland, CA, will discuss the primary ways play can boost your child's development.

How Playing Benefits Your Child's Development

  • Certain types of play provide children the chance to be physically active; for example, playing hide-and-seek, sports, or rough and tumble play. Besides being fun, active play allows your child to build their physical endurance and strength; considering that, it's important that you allow your child enough time to engage in active play.
  • Your child expands their mind both metaphorically and literally by playing and exploring; to better understand this, it's important to note that certain neurotransmitters are released as a biological response to play. These chemicals trigger new neural connections in the brain, resulting in an increased sense of concentration, reasoning, memory, and overall cognitive functioning.
  • Children build friendships and interact with each other through play, but that's not all; play allows them to learn essential social skills such as listening, sharing, collaborating, negotiating, conflict resolution, and more.
  • Last but not least, it's important to note how several types of play involve losing, setting boundaries, overcoming fears, and developing empathy; hence, it's undeniable to assume that play is critical in boosting your child's resilience and emotional development.

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