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Picture this - Your child returns home from school with their homework in hand. They go straight to their bedroom, sit down at their study desk, open up their books, and complete their entire study session without making a sound. Once they have completed all of their homework, they then pack...

Tips for Creating the Perfect Study Space

At the core of every good study session is the space where you study. Whether it’s a table in your room, the kitchen table while your parents cook dinner, or a room dedicated to the task, the environment in which you study can impact the quality of your...
Parents often place so much emphasis on the teaching style of their child's teacher and the impact it has on their child's learning that the individual learning style of a child is forgotten. This is often because many parents are not aware that there is more than one learning style, let alone...
The summer break is the most common time when children let their brains take a vacation from school and focus entirely on leisure activities. However, as the end of the summer break period starts to get closer, many children begin to think about what is ahead. These thoughts are often to what...

Help Your Child Succeed With One-To-One Tutoring 

Every parent wants to help their child succeed at school. However, the challenge is keeping up with the increasing complexity of today's lessons. If you enjoy helping your child with their school work, however, find...
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