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Every parent wants to help their child with their school lessons, but it isn’t always easy to find fun and engaging way to do it. This article has information about two great games you can play. For many parents, there are two main challenges when trying to help their children with homework or prepare for a quiz. The first challenge comes in the form of parents believing that, if they aren’t able to understand advanced calculus, how can they possibly help their student with it? The second comes in the form of parents not knowing how to engage their child in a way which they enjoy and one which encourages learning.

Two Great Learning Games You Can Play at Home.

From extensive experience providing high-quality one-to-one tutoring in Upland CA, The Tutoring Center, Upland CA knows that not only is a parent not required to go back to college just to help with homework, but that their help can be provided in a fun way, and has two games to share.

Synonym Bingo

With college entrance requirements increasing each year, it is becoming more and more important for your child to stand out. However, the challenge is often doing this on a written application. An extensive vocabulary helps students better express themselves in written format, helping to improve the quality of their applications. If you have a youngster in your home, then now is the perfect time to start helping them improve their lexicon.
  • Search online for a style of blank bingo sheets that your student likes and can work with.
  • Make around 20 small pieces of paper with a word on one side, and a synonym on the other.
  • Once you have these words, use them to fill in the spaces on your bingo cards.
  • Make the cards around 3 x 3 squares.
  • Once you have the cards complete, place the pieces of paper in a bowl.
Now that everything is ready, each person gets a card and takes a turn taking out a piece of paper. As each person takes out a piece of paper, they only read one word on one side. Now, it’s up to everybody to see if they have a matching synonym for the word (not the word itself). As soon as somebody has a row of three, then they win the round! Apart from being a fun game, creating it yourself allows you to increase the difficulty level as your child begins to learn and remember new words. It can also act as a great way to identify if your child is struggling with associating words. Boosting your child’s vocabulary is a great complement to formal one-on-one tutoring in Upland CA and can really help them to excel at school. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Upland CA today by calling (909) 579-0274 and book your free consultation. During your first a visit, a learning professional can answer any questions you have about how tutoring in Upland, CA works and how your child can benefit.

Mathematics Memory

Math isn’t considered one of the most fun subjects in a curriculum, but this is largely because of the learning environment. After all, your teacher can't spend all of their time playing games to teach you. However, as a parent, this is exactly what you have the time to do! If you loved playing memory as a child, then you are going to love this game. It’s called mathematics memory and it’s a great way to challenge your child when learning their time's tables.
  • Start by cutting up around 20 pieces of card. Around the size of regular playing cards.
  • Set aside 10 cards and write a mathematical equation on one side.
  • With the other 10, write the answers to the questions you wrote on the first ten.
  • Shuffle the cards and place them neatly in rows face up.
  • Take a good look because now you’re going to turn them all over.
Now, as the game goes, each of you takes a turn to turn over a card and try to remember where the corresponding card is. Again, this is more than just a fun way for you and your student to interact at home while learning, but it’s also an adaptable method. As your child learns more difficult equations, you can adjust the cards accordingly.

One-On-One Tutoring in Upland, CA Works

These are just two great fun games which your student and family can all enjoy which will also help them at school. If, while playing these games you notice that your child struggles with certain words or questions, speak with The Tutoring Center, Upland CA at (909) 579-0274 to find out how one-on-one tutoring in Upland CA can help.


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