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Picture this - Your child returns home from school with their homework in hand. They go straight to their bedroom, sit down at their study desk, open up their books, and complete their entire study session without making a sound. Once they have completed all of their homework, they then pack their bag for the next day and are ready for dinner.

Some of the Distractions Students Face

What a lovely image. Of course, any parent knows this is not even close to reality. With so many distractions, it is hard to keep students on track at the best of times. The Tutoring Center, Upland CA has some information to share about different types of distractions and how to overcome them.

Phones and Games

Let's start with the obvious. Anything that is powered by a battery and connects to the internet can become a distraction. Kids love their cell phones and gadgets, and they make for the perfect distraction. While the teacher does their best to curb cell phone usage in the classroom, they are more focused on trying to teach the class. The first way to address this distraction is by speaking with your child about the importance of their school lessons and how missing one small piece of information because they were reading a text can hinder their ability to learn future lessons. If this doesn't work, consider removing the data plan from your child's cell phone. They will still be able to use it while they are connected to wi-fi, such as at home or at the mall, however, definitely not at school. Once your child has learned the importance of paying attention in school then you can reintroduce their data.

Social Distractions

How a child perceives their position in the social standing of their school can have a significant influence on whether the student will pay attention during a lesson or pay more attention to a 'cool kid' at the back of class creating disruptions. Of course, as adults, it is easy to realize that social standing has very little to no influence on further education and employment opportunities. Telling your children, however, is a very different matter. If the teacher is not able to transfer or control disruptive students and it is causing your child to miss out on important lessons, speak with The Tutoring Center, Upland CA at 909 579 0274, and book a free consultation where you can learn more about how tutoring in Upland CA can help a distracted student.


We are all guilty of doing it at some point or another. However, some students tend to do it a little too often, and to the point where it begins to affect their performance. The first step to preventing daydreaming in class is to ask their teacher about seat placement and to consider giving your child a position where distractions are less likely (such as away from a window to football practice). If this doesn't work, closer to the front of the class can help keep them alert as the teacher is able to make constant eye contact and keep them engaged and alert.

An Unchallenged Student

One of the last thoughts when it comes to a distracted student is that they are truly interested in the lesson being taught. It may be that their brain just isn't being stimulated enough to keep their attention. In a classroom where the teacher needs to address each student equally, the class follows a pace where each student can keep up. This, however, does not help students who learn faster and often results in a frustrated student who becomes distracted. If, when speaking with your child, they express that they just aren't being challenged enough in class or they aren't able to learn as much as they would like, speak with their teacher about any additional studies they can undertake. Additionally, ask the teacher if they can adjust the lessons to allow your child to continue on their own and re-join the set lesson at review or question time.

Engage a Distracted Child With Tutoring in Upland CA

Many people believe that tutoring is for students who are not achieving their best or are simply returning with low grades. However, as you can read from this list of distractions, it isn't always the students who need help that are the ones to receive it. If you feel that your child is distracted during school, they just need a helping hand in one particular subject, or they want to improve their B to an A, tutoring in Upland CA can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Upland CA at 909 579 0274 to learn more during a free consultation.


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