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Every young child can benefit from early age tutoring in Upland, CA. Read more about the benefits and how your child can hit the ground running when it comes time for school. If you have seen the admission requirements for high-rated prep and kindergartens, then you know that getting your child into one of these learning environments is no easy task.

Early Age Tutoring Works

With extensive experience providing tutoring in Upland, CA to children of all ages, The Tutoring Center, Upland CA knows just how competitive it can be and has some information below to share about the benefits of early age tutoring.

First Things, First

If you have visions of your toddler attending tutoring in Upland, CA where they sit down and complete algorithms which help NASA put satellites into space or a learning area where they read language books and suddenly become fluent, then there's bad news ahead. Early age tutoring won't turn your child into a prodigy. What it will do, however, is give them strong fundamentals and a positive attitude towards learning and learning environments.

What Do Children Learn?

Without diminishing the lessons learned, children who attend early age tutoring learn the basics. Fundamental knowledge which helps to shape their further learning, such as:
  • Letter recognition
  • Letter sounds
  • Connecting sounds
    • This skill is vital to learning words and can help children to speak at an early age.
  • Color recognition
  • Identify shapes
    • This skill also helps to boost motor skills, whereas they understand the difference between shapes.
  • Light reading
    • The very basics of reading are introduced.
While this isn't an exhaustive list of what children will learn, it does give you a good idea of what forms the base of the lessons taught. By giving children access to this type of learning early on in their lives, they are better prepared when it comes time to begin their traditional schooling path. These lessons also make an application stand out among other applicants. To give your child the best start to their learning, enroll them in early age tutoring at The Tutoring Center, Upland CA. Call them today at (909) 579-0274 to find out how early age one-to-one tutoring in Upland, CA can help your child get a head start on their learning.

Build a Strong Positive Connection with Learning

A child's first introduction to learning is often being taken from an environment of fun, freedom, and naps into a place of structure, rules, and no naps! As history and tears tell us, this isn't always the smoothest of transitions. Early age tutoring introduces youngsters to the idea of structured learning early on in their life. Early age tutoring is not like a classroom, and it is not like regular tutoring sessions, so it provides the perfect platform to transition children into an environment which they can expect at school. This helps to avoid any tantrums when it finally comes time for their first day of school. It also helps them to become excited about school in the lead up to their first day. Additionally, the lessons being taught during these sessions are fun and light. While still being educational, these lessons promote laughter and child enjoyment. This helps students to associate positive connections with two important aspects of learning:
  • They learn at a young age that learning isn't boring and can be an enjoyable task if you want it to be.
    • This is a great connection to have when handed assignments to complete on subjects which aren't exactly favored.
  • Children learn how to take instruction and direction from an authority figure who isn't a family member.
    • Learning to respect the authority of teachers at an early age greatly reduces the instances of any 'butting heads' when it comes time for the teacher to speak and everybody else to listen.
These are strong connections which young children will take with them on their learning journey and into their adult life.

Enroll Your Child in the Best Early Age Tutoring in Upland, CA

There is a reason why more and more parents are enrolling their youngsters in early age tutoring - it works. Children who attend early age tutoring are better placed to gain entry into a reputable kindergarten or prep school. To give your child a head start, book a free consultation at The Tutoring Center, Upland CA by calling (909) 579-0274. During your initial visit, a learning professional can show you more information about the 'Geniuses in Training' Programs, how they work, the benefits of one-to-one tutoring, and also answer questions you have.


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