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How to Encourage Your Child's Love of Reading

As a parent, the benefits of reading are evident. They include anything from understanding complex study material to increasing their chances of obtaining solid employment. As a student, however, the advantages seem far less exciting than watching a movie or listening to music on their own or with friends, but don’t despair! If you enjoy reading and want to encourage your child to share your love for the task, The Tutoring Center, Upland CA has some easy to implement tips which can help

Mix up Their Reading Material

One of the biggest hurdles faced when showing children how enjoyable reading is, is to overcome the association with textbooks. The vast majority of their reading time is spent either in the classroom or in their study sessions where the only reading material they interact with has been chosen for them and which relates solely to their school work. As important as this reading material is, it isn’t what children would describe as enjoyable. The next time that you are shopping in the mall with your student, head into a bookstore and give them free reign to choose a book which matches their interests. While it can seem counterintuitive at first for children to be reading fantasy novels or crime based stories, there are are two main benefits which every parent should not overlook: The first is that your student learns to associate reading with enjoyment. This is a powerful connection which can and will transfer into their educational path. Instead of looking at textbooks with disdain, they will look at them favorably. The second is the exposure your child receives to differing writing styles and vocabulary. Reading and understanding a range of writing styles is important as it teaches children how to take information out of informal text. In addition to this, the vocabulary they learn, while not directly related to their current schoolwork, is banked in their memory and becomes part of their lexicon. These words help them to to better articulate their thoughts in the real world and can be used in later instances of study. If your student struggles with reading it can heavily impact and limit their future learning activities. If you feel that your student should be reading at a higher level than they are, speak with The Tutoring Centre, Upland CA by calling (909) 579 0274 to book a free consultation. During your free consultation, a tutoring professional can show you how one-to-one tutoring can help your child excel in reading and also boost their confidence.

Change the Environment

Mentioned above was a remark about your child reading only in their classroom or in the school library. However, for the purpose of encouraging an enjoyment of reading, it is a great idea to take the act out of these environments. A great example and idea is to have a ‘reading picnic’ where you and your student head to your local park, swimming pool, playground, or even a child friendly cafe where you can both sit down comfortably and read. In between chapters, take a break and talk about what you are both reading. Also, take the opportunity to look out at the environment around you and have informal chats about what you can see and how the day is progressing. Ideas like a reading picnic are powerful tools that create a positive connection to reading because instead of being stuck in a stuffy library, they are outdoors and enjoying their day. Another great tip, and one which works well with the reading picnic idea, is to read the same book as your student. This may mean reading something which doesn’t necessarily interest you, but in doing so you can take advantages of the breaks in between chapters to discuss where each of you think the story line is going. You can even make silly bets as to which characters you each believe will ‘make it to the end.’ If your child is correct at the end of the book, treat them to their favorite dinner or a similar reward. If your child isn’t correct, do the same anyway! The important aspect is that they make a positive and enjoyable connection to reading.

Increase Your Child's Learning Abilities with Tutoring in Upland CA

If your child is reading at a lower level than the rest of their classmates or struggles understanding sentence structure, tutoring classes in Upland CA can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Upland CA by calling (909) 579 0274 to arrange your free consultation. During this consultation, a dedicated learning professional can introduce you to the many benefits of one-to-one tutoring and how each session can help your child improve and succeed.


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