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A dedicated student could spend every afternoon in their room studying, but if the quality of their study material isn't high then their time isn't being well spent.

Over the course of the school year, it can be easy for a student's notebook to transform from a once well-organized and clean learning tool to something which more closely resembles a paper recycling plant.

Boost the Benefits of Your Student's Notebooks

While this may be okay for your student, when it comes time to use it to study, there isn't going to be much benefit. With this in mind, The Tutoring Center, Upland CA has the following post to offer with a great idea to clean up your student's notebook and improve its effectiveness.

Every Good Cleaning Starts With a Good De-Clutter!

Have you noticed that some of your youngster’s notebooks look like they came straight out of the set of Harry Potter, with numerous artifacts, sheets of paper, and...animals(?) crammed, stuck, and shoved inside, all trying their best to escape? If you are looking at this mess and thinking that it is just that, a mess, and nobody could possibly use it to successfully study, you would be 100% correct! If you are looking to do something about it, here’s the first place to start. With your youngster and armed with a pencil, make your way through their notebook and remove any loose items. These could include graphs, drawings, written notes, newspaper clippings, etc. As you remove them, be sure to mark a symbol or number on each loose page and the page where it came from to match them later. When you are both sorting through the notes, make sure not to throw anything away which may be valuable. Make sure your student reads everything on the page to make sure they aren’t throwing away important notes. With only one pile of legible and informative notes, it’s time to start the real work. If you notice your student struggles to understand notes from a particular class then it could suggest that the lesson is providing a difficult challenge. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Upland CA at (909) 579-0274 to learn how one-to-one tutoring in Upland CA can help students overcome learning challenges and reach their academic potential.

Format Their Notes

This part has a bit of effort and time involved, but the results are well worth it. Start by matching up the pieces of loose paper you have left  with their corresponding page in the notebook. When you have them side by side, consider whether you need all of the loose paper and all of the original notes. For example, if much of the original notes is scribble and the loose paper is a diagram, consider re-writing the page of notes to include the diagram. You can do this by either hand-copying the note over, writing more cleanly to allow space for the diagram, or simply using your scanner or tablet device to do the job digitally. Once you have the new page of notes, stick it over the top of the original. Doing this has a few great benefits:
  • A concise page of notes is a page of notes which is easy to study from.
  • Compiling the information all on one neat page allows your student’s eyes to dart around the note as they read, re-reading parts and gaining context along the way.
  • Clean notes are easier to use and more appealing to be used. This can often be the difference between a student bothering to use a study tool or not.
  • Rewriting notes gives your youngster another opportunity to discover any mistakes or make any additions to their notes.
Again, depending on the volume of notes you’re dealing with, this could take some time and effort. However, at the end of the task, your student will have a powerful learning resource on which to rely when it comes time to study.

One-One-Tutoring in Upland, CA Works!

While it may involve a bit of work, the above task is a great way to increase the productivity of your student's study sessions when using their notes. If you can see they are still struggling with a particular class or with a range of lessons, one-on-one tutoring in Upland, CA can help. Call The Tutoring Center, Upland CA today at (909) 579-0274 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment. During your first visit, a trained teaching professional can answer any questions you have about the benefits of one-on-one tutoring and help you understand how your child can reach their potential.


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