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Making oral presentations in class can be challenging; however, it is an essential academic requirement to test your research ability, communication skills, time management, among other skills. If you have to present a topic in front of your professor and classmates sometime soon, follow the tips listed in this post from The Tutoring Center, Upland, CA, to make your oral presentation successful.

How to Give Successful Oral Presentations

Research as Much as You Can

For starters, be sure to research your topic thoroughly. To that end, search for research articles and statistics on the Internet, look for specialized magazines on the subject, watch documentaries or educational videos that can help you; the aim is to gather enough information to structure and present your topic as an expert.


It's essential that you practice your presentation before the big day; to that end, ask your family and friends to be your audience and listen to your presentation. They can help you point out what public speaking skills you can improve or polish.

Use Visual Aids

An effective way to keep the class's attention during your presentation is to use different visual aids. Depending on the topic you have chosen, you can exemplify the points or arguments of your presentation with photos, videos, graphics, illustrations, maps, or even memes.

Finally, Try to Relax

If you get nervous before your presentation, take a deep breath and attempt to transform all those nerves into enthusiasm. If it helps, review your presentation notes and be confident in your preparation and skills.

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