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Learning to pronounce words correctly is critical for children to communicate effectively, not to mention the positive impact on their vocabulary and speaking confidence; therefore, parents and teachers need to help them pronounce new words. If you have a young child and want to help them improve their pronunciation, keep reading this post from The Tutoring Center, Upland, CA.

5 Ways to Help Your Child Improve Their Pronunciation

  1. First, remember to slow down your speech rate when interacting with your child. You can apply this tip while teaching a fun tongue twister; in doing so, be sure to pronounce each syllable in an emphasized manner and at a slightly slower speed than you are used to so that your child can distinguish the different phonemes in each word.
  2. Another great way to help your child improve their diction and pronunciation is to talk to them face to face. Crouching down to their level and talking to them will allow them to see the movements of your face and the way you model each sound with your mouth.
  3. Repeating the words your child says wrong but in the correct pronunciation can do wonders for their speech. For example, if your child tells you that they would like a "nana," you can respond by emphasizing the correct pronunciation of the word: "Would you like a banana?" or "bananas are very healthy and delicious!" Doing this sounds simple; however, it contributes to helping your child hear the way you pronounce the words; as a result, they may want to imitate you, thus gradually improving their pronunciation.
  4. A fun way to help your child improve their pronunciation is by engaging them in wordplay. You can start with simple games such as "I spy." You can also teach them tongue twisters or play riddles. The important thing is that they have fun while reproducing new sounds and improving diction.
  5. Something as simple as singing the ABC song can help your child practice each letter's correct pronunciation. Other popular songs that can help them strengthen their mouth muscles are "Itzy Bitsy Spider" and "Star Light, Star Bright." You can even encourage your child to sing along with hand-clapping games.

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