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If your upcoming final exams are approaching, make sure to improve your test-taking performance by avoiding the most common mistakes students make when testing; to that end, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Upland, CA.

Avoid Making These Test-Taking Mistakes

Studying the Night Before Taking a Test

Even though many students opt to prepare for their tests a night before taking them, last-minute cramming is not an efficient study strategy. Now, it’s important to note that cramming involves stress, pressure, and tiredness; under those circumstances, it’s not easy for a student to achieve focus. Plus, it’s pretty challenging to revise weeks and months of school content in a single night; therefore, opt to set a weekly study schedule for each test instead. By doing that, you’ll have enough time to break down all the topics to revise and study them thoroughly.

Not Reading Instructions Carefully

When taking a test, avoid answering any question before reading what’s being asked of you carefully. On the whole, you must thoroughly understand and follow each indication. Additionally, it’s worth noting that each exam is different; some are multiple-choice while others have true-false segments or tricky questions; hence, make sure everything is clear before answering.

Getting Stuck at Complicated Questions

When a complicated question comes across, nerves might hit, leading test-takers to lose focus and spend too much time trying to get the correct answer. Since you have a time constraint to complete a test, skip all the challenging questions to avoid getting stuck; instead, answer all the easy ones first to make the most out of the time you have.

Handing the Exam in Without Proofreading

Lastly, don’t hand in your test or leave the room when there is time left; instead, make the most out of those last minutes by double-checking your answers to correct any mistake (if there is).

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