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Learning to pronounce words correctly is critical for children to communicate effectively, not to mention the positive impact on their vocabulary and speaking confidence; therefore, parents and teachers need to help them pronounce new words. If you have a young child and want to help them...

Making oral presentations in class can be challenging; however, it is an essential academic requirement to test your research ability, communication skills, time management, among other skills. If you have to present a topic in front of your professor and classmates sometime soon, follow the...

Something as simple as playing can make a huge positive impact on your child; thus, this post by The Tutoring Center, Upland, CA, will discuss the primary ways play can boost your child's development.

How Playing Benefits Your Child's Development

  • Certain types of play provide children the...

Have you ever wondered how movement helps your child become a better learner? In today's world, children are more prone to develop sedentary habits such as playing video games, using devices, or watching television; that's why you need to recognize how physical activity supports your child's...

Are you planning to take the SAT this year? If you are, this post by The Tutoring Center, Upland, CA, shares a few helpful SAT prep tips you can apply to ensure a good score.

SAT Prep Tips to Ace Your Exam

Pick a Testing Date That’s Right For You

Given that the College Board offers seven dates...

If your upcoming final exams are approaching, make sure to improve your test-taking performance by avoiding the most common mistakes students make when testing; to that end, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Upland, CA.

Avoid Making These Test-Taking Mistakes

Studying the Night Before...


Do you have important school papers to turn in soon? Since writing requires great effort, concentration, creativity, and a thorough thought process, it's not uncommon to face writer's block. So, if you find yourself stuck at your assignment's introduction, read the following tips by The...

If you've never heard of mnemonics before, it's worth mentioning that this term refers to an instructional device, technique, or tool intended to aid learners' memory. Hence, mnemonics come in real handy to help children when they need to memorize challenging concepts, such as historical dates,...

Frequently, learning difficulties can be rooted in hidden vision problems; therefore, parents must know about children's most common signs of vision problems. To that end, this post by The Tutoring Center, Upland, CA has gathered valuable information on the matter.

How Vision Problems Impact...


Students require mathematical skills for day-to-day activities such as cooking, shopping, or playing sports; however, some experience apprehension and fear of failure towards math at school. This feeling is better known as “Math Anxiety.” If you are going through this learning challenge and...


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